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The Sounds of Madness [SoM]
Sin with a Grin
Prince Relsar
Martin X
a wolf

"No charter has been declared."


Public Guild Members (15)[back to top]Online
The Glorious Sound of Madness, Grandmaster Cartographer [Cyanide Sweet Tooth, SoM]
The Proper Martin X
The Noble Nyle
The Glorious Lord Broken Destiny, Grandmaster Bard [Amaryllis, SoM]
The Fair Borgis Khan
The Illustrious Lord Heavy Metal, Grandmaster Scholar [Adrenaline, SoM]
The Kind Connor McManus [Veritas, SoM]
The Glorious a wolf, Grandmaster Archer
The Glorious Lord Sixweave, Grandmaster Tamer [The Scarecrow, SoM]
The Eminent Sin with a Grin, Grandmaster Rogue [Special Ops, SoM]
The Noble Lord Dad, Grandmaster Scholar [Fish & Game Warden, SoM]
The Illustrious Cerebro, Grandmaster Healer
The Eminent Lord Sin with a Grin, Grandmaster Alchemist [Twisted 2x4, SoM]
The Respectable Moldy Cheese [Bad Condiment, SoM]
The Honorable Prince Relsar [Ruler of Crehalen, SoM]
Non-Public Guild Members (2)[back to top]Online
Relhok [Stranger Inside, SoM]
The Facelessman
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