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Shadowclan [0rc]


Warring Guilds:

Public Guild Members (23)[back to top]Online
The Murderer Buurz'Dush [Mojoka, 0rc]
The Murderer Vishakt [Nob, 0rc]
The Unsavory Tar'shakt [Mak'r, 0rc]
The Kind Rup'Tup [Grunt, 0rc]
The Murderer Lazhag [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Murderer Kubub [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Murderer Vilgak [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Murderer Skandi'Gak [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Scoundrel Tar'Gak [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Murderer Kul'Gur [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Notable Guzug [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Unsavory Blug'zug [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Prominent Xigig [Mojoka, 0rc]
The Rude Raghat [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Unsavory Nubub [Mak'r, 0rc]
The Unsavory Luk'Rug [Gruntee, 0rc]
Dig'Uhm [Mak'r, 0rc]
The Murderer Gru'bluk [Grunt, 0rc]
The Murderer Wud'strig [Buurz, 0rc]
The Murderer Gril'ka [Mojoka, 0rc]
The Murderer Khar'gug [Grunt, 0rc]
The Famed O'ort [Gruntee, 0rc]
The Scoundrel Urug [Mojokii, 0rc]
Non-Public Guild Members (90)[back to top]Online
Zarkh [Gruntee, 0rc]
Arghuk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Girm'luhk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Wub [Gruntee, 0rc]
Tox [Mak'r, 0rc]
Bagh [Gruntee, 0rc]
Guzguh [Mak'r, 0rc]
Gruk'Snabba [Nob, 0rc]
Gromalok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Ulbek [Gruntee, 0rc]
Nee'Raah [Grunt, 0rc]
Zubzug [Gruntee, 0rc]
Wah'ya [Gruntee, 0rc]
Tak'Gor [Mak'r, 0rc]
Tragash [Gruntee, 0rc]
Magrash [Gruntee, 0rc]
Worg'Rok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Rel'Tak [Gruntee, 0rc]
Rum'gut [Grunt, 0rc]
Skragz [Grunt, 0rc]
Otak [Nob, 0rc]
Murgosch [Grunt, 0rc]
gorgo [Gruntee, 0rc]
Kagub [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gub'dak [Mak'r, 0rc]
Buurz'ark [Gruntee, 0rc]
Graluk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Rorktuk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Cubub [Gruntee, 0rc]
Lug'Mak [Mak'r, 0rc]
Ugthruk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gruul [Grunt, 0rc]
Chumak [Grunt, 0rc]
Hag'nzel [Gruntee, 0rc]
Chu'Grah [Mak'r, 0rc]
Gorknok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Umbroz [Gruntee, 0rc]
Mugg [Gruntee, 0rc]
Vor'Hok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gorgok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Ojomrog [Gruntee, 0rc]
Ghazgull [Gruntee, 0rc]
Wagtuk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Blud'wag [Mak'r, 0rc]
Jurg [Gruntee, 0rc]
Budrog [Mojokii, 0rc]
Piggug [Grunt, 0rc]
Zar'gul [Gruntee, 0rc]
Kragor Gronak [Gruntee, 0rc]
Slapdud [Gruntee, 0rc]
Hagdish'Vir [Gruntee, 0rc]
Shad'Bak [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gahzal [Mak'r, 0rc]
Ooj'k [Mojoka, 0rc]
B'rug [Gruntee, 0rc]
Kor'Zug [Gruntee, 0rc]
Boom'ug Klobb [Gruntee, 0rc]
Guz'Rok [Goth Gard, 0rc]
Gurguk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Mukroot [Mak'r, 0rc]
Urzog [Gruntee, 0rc]
Skeez'ug [Mak'r, 0rc]
Klapdud [Grunt, 0rc]
Met'ug Klobb [Gruntee, 0rc]
Duu'rok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Pik'pok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Zrug'Pug [Grunt, 0rc]
Bu'rzzag [Gruntee, 0rc]
Laghed [Gruntee, 0rc]
Ja'Gan [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gromlok [Gruntee, 0rc]
Thor'klomp [Gruntee, 0rc]
Quugug [Mojokii, 0rc]
Wyrm'strig [Gruntee, 0rc]
Tuggi [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gur'gha [Gruntee, 0rc]
Nore'Gub [Gruntee, 0rc]
Demba'Bosh [Gruntee, 0rc]
Zubnok [Mak-r, 0rc]
Gorbag [Gruntee, 0rc]
Gorg [Gruntee, 0rc]
Goh'ruk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Diz'glub [Gruntee, 0rc]
Brug'Zog [Gruntee, 0rc]
Smug'ark [Gruntee, 0rc]
Sumluk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Narghaash [Gruntee, 0rc]
Thurk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Horduk [Gruntee, 0rc]
Grull'Tak [Mojokii, 0rc]
Warring Guilds [back to top]
--- War Us [---]
Borderline ENemies [Ben]
Canada [CAN]
The Undead [UND]
Britannia World Order [bWo]
Mountains of Minoc [.M.]
Aurora Black [AB]
Fraternity [*F*]
a Gravestone [Ha!]
-Arch Angels- War Us [^A^]
Bloodrock Clan [Urk]
Order of the Winning Newbs (WAR US) [OwN]
/Majestic\ [\M/]
Gold Are Yellow [Gay]
Zero Fucks Given [RO]
Extraterrestrial [ETS]
Memories of Murder [M_M]
Terror Guard (TG) War Us! [TG]
UOSA Department of Cancel Culture [afk]
The Renegades of Lord Blackthorn [Blk]
Ascalon Vanguard (War Us) [A-V]
Band of the Hawk WAR [-H-]
[Novus Ordo Seclorum] [N0S]
Bear vs Shark [BvS]
Meet Your Makers [War Us!] [mYm]
A Fox Legacy (war) [>-<]
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