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The Core [PEE]
Kal In Ex

"PEE or Die"

Warring Guilds:

Public Guild Members (27)[back to top]Online
The Unsavory JoHn pAuL [Great Lakes, PEE]
The Rude HardCore [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Famed HardCore [Wench, PEE]
The Murderer Kal In Ex [Wench, PEE]
The Illustrious Lord HardCore, Grandmaster Armsman [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Murderer Salty Seaman [Smuggler, PEE]
The Murderer Apoc [Lieutenant, PEE]
The Scoundrel Bloody Hell [Seadog, PEE]
HardCore [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Murderer Josey Wales [Buccaneer, PEE]
The Murderer Ganka [Buccaneer, PEE]
The Rude josey wales [Buccaneer, PEE]
The Respectable Zailm [Deckhand, PEE]
The Murderer blue duck [Buccaneer, PEE]
The Murderer Tina da Telepath [Wench, PEE]
The Illustrious Lord HardCore, Grandmaster Warrior [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Eminent Lord HardCore, Grandmaster Ranger [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Unsavory Masrimi the Vile [Wench, PEE]
The Rude Darph Nader [Siege Perilous, PEE]
The Illustrious Lord HardCore [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Unsavory Veruca [Wench, PEE]
The Murderer Lord HardCore, Grandmaster Scholar [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Glorious Lady HardCore, Grandmaster Fisherwoman [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Murderer Lord HardCore, Grandmaster Rogue [Dread Captain, PEE]
The Illustrious Lady HardCore, Grandmaster Mage [Dread Captain, PEE]
Heimsgard [Deckhand, PEE]
The Murderer Lord HardCore, Grandmaster Scout [Dread Captain, PEE]
Non-Public Guild Members (23)[back to top]Online
a pirate ghost
Ultimatron [Buccaneer, PEE]
Kal In Ex [Pirate, PEE]
Walmart Security
Modus Tollens [Seadog, PEE]
muffin [Wench, PEE]
Troubles [Smuggler, PEE]
Troubles [Smuggler, PEE]
Tina da Telepath [Wench, PEE]
oOoO ooOoo
litchi [`Lieutenant, PEE]
HardCore [Dread Captain, PEE]
HardCore [Dread Captain, PEE]
Precious [Wench, PEE]
Dastardly [Pirate, PEE]
Dr Who Done It [Buccaneer, PEE]
Tora [Seadog, PEE]
Alex [Pirate, PEE]
Kaptian Krabbie [Wench, PEE]
Ushio [Corsair, PEE]
Kung Pao chicken [Buccanear, PEE]
Warring Guilds [back to top]
A Fox Legacy (war) [>-<]
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