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Fox and the Hound [FOX]
F o X
Mr Fox
Part Fox
Foxy Ladi
of the foxes

Public Guild Members (9)[back to top]Online
The Scoundrel NoxaFox [Liquid Death, FOX]
The Illustrious Lady Foxy Ladi, Grandmaster Ranger [So Foxy, FOX]
The Dishonorable Un'rugah [Orcish Hybrid, FOX]
The Glorious Lord of the foxes, Grandmaster Alchemist [Good with hands, FOX]
The Great Foxie [Trance..., FOX]
The Glorious Lady Part Fox, Grandmaster Ranger [chests are my fav, FOX]
The Admirable Foxy [Heavy Hitter, FOX]
The Notable F o X [What DO I say?, FOX]
The Trustworthy Mr Fox [_>=^.^=<_), FOX]
Non-Public Guild Members (0)[back to top]Online
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