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Silver Serpent Society [SSS]
Coop DeGrace
Geralt Whitewolf
Mythran the Seer
Aros Windsong
Sir Errol Dufray

"Applying the Virtues to serve a Unified Britannia"


Saxmund Sighelm
25 (0 public | 25 private)

Non-Public Guild Members (25)[back to top]Online
Aros Windsong [Lord Defender, SSS]
Jaana Wildrunner [Lady Savant, SSS]
Pierce Deathbolt [Champion of Honor, SSS]
William of Yew [Oracle of Justice, SSS]
Saxmund Sighelm [Lord High Protector, SSS]
Calamity Jade [Champion of Solace, SSS]
Young Byrhthelm [Hand of Solace, SSS]
Hyw the Valorian [Champion of Valor, SSS]
Thrush Wyrmwood [Champion of Serenity, SSS]
Joyeux d'Orfleur [Champion of Honor, SSS]
Wysper Wyrmsbane
Sir Errol Dufray [Knight of Empathy, SSS]
Fandrel Trelaine [Knight of Truth, SSS]
Serena the Gypsy
Jalaran Khajari [Paragon of Valor, SSS]
Mythran the Seer
Irial Silvermist [Purple Rose Knight, SSS]
Harper Hawkwind [Knight of Empathy, SSS]
Sir Rath Deadeye [Squire of Solace, SSS]
Sage Cynewulfa [Paragon of Justice, SSS]
Coop DeGrace [Silver Serpent, SSS]
Aelfric the Mad [Archconsul of Chaos, SSS]
Mistress Dupre [Champion of Valor, SSS]
Sage Penumbra [Champion of Truth, SSS]
Geralt Whitewolf [Champion of Serenity, SSS]
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