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For the Loot [FT$]
Mc Nasty
Prop Joe
pak man waka wak
Joe Shatriani
Warring Guilds:

Public Guild Members (23)[back to top]Online
The Ignoble Cap'n Crunch [FT MONEY, SONNY, FT$]
The Murderer pak man waka wak [GM Queer Basher, FT$]
The Scoundrel Rebel
The Vile Icculus [Help on the way, FT$]
The Upstanding Mister Kister [Da Throwdown Clown, FT$]
The Murderer Joe Shatriani
The Murderer Avon Barksdale [To Live & Die In UO, FT$]
The Murderer Altered Beast, Grandmaster Scholar [Forgive me, God, FT$]
The Murderer Tom Bukkake [FT Money, Sonny!, FT$]
The Infamous Prop Joe, Grandmaster Scholar
The Murderer Stonerface [GM QUEER BASHER, FT$]
The Murderer Mc Nasty
The Murderer Azeroth
The Murderer Lord Groovy Baby, Grandmaster Scholar [Mr. Purples, FT$]
The Murderer Ric Flair [The Nature Boy, FT$]
The Murderer Marzipan
The Rude Zeina
The Murderer Scienter [The Great One, FT$]
The Murderer Scienter, Grandmaster Scholar [The Great One, FT$]
The Murderer Gork [THE HURRICANE, FT$]
The Murderer Lord Deception, Grandmaster Scholar
The Murderer Lord Chicanery, Grandmaster Scholar
Non-Public Guild Members (13)[back to top]Online
Fluffhead [Powerful Pills, FT$]
an ogre
RaVaGe [#1 Used ButtPlug, FT$]
Horseface [Half Horse, Half Man, FT$]
Mistah T
pvp conflict
Susan Boyle
Scienter [The Great One, FT$]
Warring Guilds [back to top]
Golden Gods [GG]
Borderline ENemies [Ben]
United Knaves of Sosaria [KOS]
Non-Consensual (War Us) [N-C]
Vis Mortis [V!S]
Warlords [W-L]
Chaotic OverKill (War Us) [CoK]
Terror Guard (TG) War Us! [TG]
Meet Your Makers [War Us!] [mYm]
N~F [N F]
me [me]
Denmark [DK]
House of Terror [HoT]
Black Hand [BH]
License to Kill [LtK]
The Finale [EnD]
Seeth's War Stone [SWS]
Most Wanted [[MW]
SoN's Of SmackiniT [8D]
The Wolfpack [TW]
Beyond Your Imagination [1+1]
chumbucket Minus Associates WAR US [c-A]
Ascalon Vanguard (War Us) [A-V]
DiKs In DuDeS [dEd]
Order of the Winning Newbs (WAR US) [OwN]
G6 [G6]
GoDs Wrath Clan [GoD]
Bear vs Shark [BvS]
a Gravestone [Ha!]
cr3w [-3-]
Band of the Hawk WAR [-H-]
Order of Darkness [OOD]
Total Domination (War Us) [.tD]
Cult of the Subterranean [CoS]
Sixth Column Az [6CA]
/Majestic\ [\M/]
Memories of Murder [M_M]
!! Worst PVPer Ever. WAR ME, THO, K? [-.^]
Freaks of Nature [FoN]
Bloodrock Clan [Urk]
Deathstar's Halfway House [REE]
[Novus Ordo Seclorum] [N0S]
House Hlaazu [Hzu]
Calling All Killers [CAK]
Berserk [^!^]
The Cunning Aces [ACE]
Dungeon Guards WAR [DG.]
and his nasty parlour tricks [+ -]
Graveyard Vigilantes [GYV]
Drug Addicted Predatory Bandits [Dab]
A Fox Legacy (war) [>-<]
Zero Fucks Given [RO]
Aurora Black [AB]
--- War Us [---]
Banana Boyz [BBz]
-Arch Angels- War Us [^A^]
Purple Llamas (War Us) [PL]
Canada [CAN]
Noob Slaughter [N-S]
Noob Slaughter! [N_S]
=^= WAR [=^=]
Absolute Ballers Club [ABC]
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